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12 May 2011 @ 01:50 am
Fanfiction! :]  

Title: "Half As Much As You."
Author: alory_shannon/wordsworn.
Rating: T.
Characters/Pairing: Kurt/Quinn.
Summary: Kurt/Quinn. One-shot. Set during “Bad Reputation”--how things could have gone. After confessing their guilt to Coach Sylvester failed, it was every man and woman for themselves, and Kurt was no less determined to get himself on That List. And how better to do it than with a little “help” from the girl at the very top of said list?
A/N: ...Impossible as it is canon-wise, I must confess that I do ship these two, rather. Watching how Chris and Dianna interact, I can’t help but love it. They just look so good together. ♥

Fic is here. :]
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