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23 July 2011 @ 10:54 pm
Discussion: Dave Karofsky  

Ok so since this discussion probably spoils people for Season 2 (encase they STILL haven't seen it), this discussion is behind the cut and thus you are warned.

Anyway, Season 2 introduced more character development for Dave Karofsky (Glee's bully/football player at McKinley).... and you'll know his storyline as currently in the closet (WAYYY in the closet) and likes Kurt (and hell even kisses him and later protects him from any bullying).

And so you might be wondering what the hell am I doing here at a Quinn/Kurt comm discussing this. Well, this is my point - I'm oddly attracted to the idea of Quinn/Dave and I love Dave/Kurt (Kurofsky - love that nickname).... and thus I love the idea of Quinn being in the middle of Kurofsky.

I was just wondering if any other Quinn/Kurt fans liked the pairing/threesome as well.... and if I should make a community dedicated to Quinn/Dave.